Challenged to identify and manage risk in your business?

If you are running operations across multiple locations, it’s a challenge to ensure your business remains compliant, efficient and risk-aware, especially as you grow. Your shareholders demand strict corporate governance and expect the leadership team to ensure process owners put in place adequate controls to mitigate risk.

Regular internal audits are crucial to helping you identify key vulnerabilities and stop any potential breach or leak before there is any serious effect on your business. It’s not a witch hunt. It’s a means to ensuring your organisation can be at its absolute best.

What kind of internal auditor will serve your organisation best?

An internal audit expert who can really go deep in all domains

That’s hard to find.

Global firms can cover it all yet employ different auditing experts for each domain. With siloed reports that don’t connect the dots, you are paying top dollar and not getting the full picture.

Smaller firms can send in one expert that can connect information across several domains, but don’t have the expertise in all areas, so you get some of the depth in limited areas but STILL don’t get the full picture.

Ventigence delivers the best of both worlds to organisations around the world, with technical knowledge and service offerings that combat ever-emerging risks.

We do this through IK Internal Audit Methodology.

Our Integrated Knowledge (IK) methodology gives a holistic view of the risk universe even within a single audit mandate and scope, made possible by our vast technical expertise and diverse sector exposure.

With multiple specialisations covering all aspects of auditing your operations, Ventigence gives you the breadth of the global players with the depth of smaller auditing firms and connects all the information together in a comprehensive integrated report you can actually act on.

You get the full picture to keep your business compliant and risk-managed at a fraction of the auditing fees.

About Us

Ventigence helps corporations in the Financial Services, Fintech, Banking and Manufacturing sectors to identify unknown risk exposures so that they can put in place mitigation measures to meet their stakeholders’ expectations for exceptional corporate governance.

Our clients appreciate that we bring together an incredible combination of multidisciplinary operational knowledge and international audit, risk and compliance expertise.

We have seen how new technologies such as cloud computing and blockchain have changed the risk landscape overnight. We continually build on our skillsets to combat the next wave of digital innovations that threaten to leave gaps in our clients’ risk defences. Our actionable insights will expose these new risks and provide the strategies to mitigate them.

Why Ventigence

6 key industries

  • Financial Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Wholesale Distribution
  • Textile
  • Food

21 Professional Certifications


13 countries

Canada, USA, Mexico, Barbados, Brazil, Honduras, Haiti, Dominican Republic

Switzerland, Czech Republic

Middle East

Singapore, Australia


Faster, deeper risk analysis

We achieve higher efficiency by having one consultant cover all domains in your business via in-depth internal audits, IT audits, and risk and compliance reviews. It is our multitude of operational certifications that allows us to conduct a deeper risk analysis. With our 360- degree view of your business, we can recommend solutions that would be missed by a siloed audit approach.


Competitive fees

As a niche Internal Audit, Risk Management and Compliance advisory, we have lower overheads so are able to pass those cost savings to you. That doesn’t mean you compromise on quality. Quite the opposite. We are able to go broader and deeper to give you a complete view of your business.


Integrated approach

We have developed our own Integrated Knowledge (IK)-based internal audit methodology, which allows a holistic view of the risk universe even within a single audit mandate and scope.


Protection for your global business

Having provided internal auditing services in over 13 countries, we understand how culture drives behaviour, which ultimately impacts controls, in ways other firms cannot.


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