Risk Management

We are your ally in managing business risks.

In a world that is rapidly changing, we help you identify what that change means for your business and what measures you need to employ to protect it from a range of risks in the new economy.

Our ability to go broad and deep ensures that our audit services identify the current and potential risks to help you respond in an appropriate and timely manner. We constantly seek ways to improve your processes to mitigate risk and recommend effective internal controls.

  • Risk Assessment
  • Controls Self Assessments
  • IT Risk Advisory



Zoltan Csonka

Chief Consultant


Zoltan is passionate about bringing ethics and integrity back to the corporate world through internal audits that provide in-depth analysis of the risk landscape and concrete solutions. His diverse knowledge enables him to oversee audit projects across his clients’ entire operations worldwide.

Following 15 years of global experience, Zoltan has developed his own Integrated Knowledge (IK)-based internal audit methodology. IK allows a holistic view of the risk universe even within a single audit mandate and scope, made possible by Zoltan’s vast technical expertise and diverse sector exposure.

To learn more, download Zoltan’s full profile here.

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